3 Best Treat Yourself Products You Can Buy Online Right Now

Sometimes I wonder – who first created the ‘treat yourself’ phenomena? Because I want to shake their hand.

‘Treating yourself’ is probably one of the best bandwagons to have ever been popularized in the 21st century. In our current age of trying times and unstable political climates, the sudden cultural emphasis on indulging yourself is an incredibly healthy one; meant to soothe our anxieties and give ourselves the once-in-awhile luxury we all need and deserve. And the ready access of Internet services like good internet makes it even easier for us to obtain these ‘treat yourself’ items; allowing us to purchase all the luxuries we can conceivably afford from the comfort of our own homes (if you’re interested in fast Internet connection, you can and apply Time internet Malaysia).

So for those looking to treat themselves to a soothing bath, or a scented candle, or just something really, really nice? Here are the 3 best ‘Treat Yourself’ products you can buy online right now!

1. Time internet plan Malaysia (Lush Malaysia)

In this day and age, what spells ‘treat yourself’ more than a bath bomb? And for lovers of space and galaxies in general, Lush’s ‘Intergalactic’ Bath Bomb takes the entire cake.

For those who are unaware, a bath bomb is basically a powdery ball that, when dropped into a bath, dissolves into a whorl of frothing color and glitter. A bath bomb is able to dye the color of your bathwater into any beautiful color you want, and even though it may look purely aesthetic, bath bombs also often come with all types of essential oils that are great for your skin; making you feel warm and relaxed as you submerge yourself into a cozy bath.

As for Lush’s ‘Intergalatic’ Bath Bomb, it basically does exactly what it says on the tin – once dropped into your bath, the bath bomb will turn the water into a whirling, sparkling galaxy; strung with stars and glittering vortexes. So if you want to sink yourself into space itself, you can order this bath bomb from Lush right now!

2. Blåhaj (IKEA)

At this point, who hasn’t heard of IKEA’s famously adorable plush blue shark?

Blåhaj (literally ‘blue shark’ in Swedish) is a large blue shark plush from IKEA, which went viral a while back when people all over the Internet began purchasing their own blåhaj, dressing them up in scarves and sweaters and glasses, and then posing them in all sorts of humorous scenarios. The Internet, shortly, became a cesspool of people showing off their proud blåhaj purchases, or of pictures of blåhaj sitting at tables and typing on laptops, as people everywhere showered love and affection on this adorable plush blue shark. In no time, blåhaj became an Internet star in their own right – and therefore, the perfect treat yourself product to buy if you’re a fan of sharks and plushies!

For those who want a blåhaj of their own, you can simply order it online from your local IKEA’s website!

3. Mini Waffle Maker (Dash)

Ever wanted a waffle, but felt too lazy to go out? With Dash’s Mini Waffle Maker, you can make yourself all the adorable, tiny waffles you want from the comfort of your own home!

Available in black, copper, graphite, and a simply adorable shade of pink, Dash’s Mini Waffle Maker is a must have for any waffle-lover out there. With this in your home, you needn’t worry about having to go out to get yourself a waffle anytime you get a craving – all you have to do is search up a decent waffle recipe, mix yourself up some batter, and then cook it in these cute and tiny waffle makers for a delicious midnight snack!

Dash’s Mini Waffle Maker can be ordered online for about $11.99, which can be a small price to pay for an eternity of delicious, convenient home waffles. So if you’re craving some waffle-y goodness, why not treat yourself to these tiny mini waffle makers?