A Guide To Saving Your Electricity Bills.

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Electricity bills at home have always been a concern for our parents because sometimes the bills could go dangerously high and will always cause them a heart attack. With how gadgets and electrical appliances have been widely used in this 21st century, it is not surprising that electricity bills always totaled up to more than a hundred bucks a month. Think about the electrical appliances that we turn on all the time like the fridge and air-conditioner. Besides, the more people live in a house, the higher the electricity bills will be. Due to the average individual usage of electricity where each one of them uses their own devices that require electricity. The obvious devices we can see are smartphones as everyone uses their own mobile devices and charges them at different times of the day. Besides that, the use of their laptops and fans could also contribute to a huge total of electrical usage in a certain house. Now that MCO (Movement Control Order) has been implemented in Malaysia, the majority of the university students and employees have returned home as it is more comfortable. With their online classes and work from home going through all day, this could be a nightmare for the coming electricity bills.

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Hence, this is the time for us to help reduce our parent’s burden by helping to save electricity at home. Let’s see what we can do to help.

Dress Comfortably At Home

The weather in our country is hot and humid all year, which means that it’s normal to see people wearing singlets and shorts when they are at home. The thin material of such clothes and how it doesn’t cover our whole body helps our body to cool down. However, this is not the same for every house. Since some houses are used to using an aircond, they could be wearing hoodies or long sleeves at home. They are always in the situation where they can’t turn off the aircon because it is hot but they could also become cold easily when they are sitting in a space with an aircon for more than half an hour. If you have an air conditioner (or maybe two) in your house, then it will be better for you to plan your clothing and dress comfortably in shorts and shirts so that you can turn off the air conditioner at night and turn them off only in the day where the afternoons are usually filled with heat from the Sun.

Turn Off The Switch!

We often heard our mom nagging us to turn off the switch of any electrical devices we are not currently using. This is a smart way to reduce the use of electricity. Do you know that most people leave their chargers in the living room turned on all the time so that it will be easier for them to use? It only wastes electricity during the time no one uses them to charge their phones. Make sure to switch off the switches that are not used and make it a habit in your house.

Switch To Solar Power

It is strategic for the Malaysians to do this since it is always sunny during the day. Invest a little in setting up the solar panel  to connect the electricity devices to it. Doing that saves a lot of electricity since they are powered up by solar energy. 

Last Words

In conclusion, it is only logical that you should help out in reducing the electricity bills. Unless your parents are a billionaire or a professional forex broker vietnam, then saving electricity is a smart way to save money. We can each play our part in saving the natural resources so that the future generation are able to live comfortably like we do now.