Cash VS Card Payment: Which Is Better?

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With the rise of technological appliances all around us in the household or industry, shopping has become so much easier with multiple new technologies introduced. Have you seen the self-pay counters at Tesco in Petaling Jaya? Those who do not want to queue can simply go to the designated counter, scan the goods they want to purchase and pay right away. How simple has shopping become, right? Besides that, there are always countless methods to pay if you happen to have no cash in your hand. You can use paywave, credit card or even GrabPay where you simply open the app and let the cashier scan the QR code. 

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However, one question still arises: Which payment method is better, cash or card?

Using Cash Is Easy, Until They Runs Out

Paying using cash has been the traditional way of shopping from so many decades ago that it’s unsurprising people are still comfortable in using them. The elders usually find it difficult to comprehend another method of payment since they feel like using money is the best way to go. The children also love counting the notes and coins at the counter to pay under the supervision of their parents. You cannot do that with card payment since the parents are just passing the card from their hands to their children, which goes to the cashier. It’s not fun, however, and the child cannot even practice on counting money this way. Nevertheless, the perk of using cash is that it’s simple to use – just give them to the cashier and wait for balance, if you have any. Using card payment means you have to enter your pin number, as an example. The elders find this to be unfamiliar and tricky since they tend to forget about the pin numbers.

The pain comes when you realise that you have run out of cash. Imagine not having enough cash to pay at a counter and you have to get out for an ATM machine so that you can withdraw more money. It’s inefficient since you can just use your card when you have insufficient cash with you.

Card Payment Makes It Harder to Control Your Spending

Despite how useful card payment has been, there is also a disadvantage to using them. It makes it harder for you to control your spending , especially if you are using a credit card. This is because it’s hard to limit your shopping when you know the card will settle all your payment in no time. People become more considerate in buying when they realise how many notes they have with them, but those with card payment tend to overspend. It also encourages bad habits of overspending because you will commonly buy more than you need in the store. 

The Choice Is In Your Hands

In the end, how you choose to pay for your purchase is still your choice. It’s better if you go with whatever way you are comfortable with since both payment methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, I would advise that you bring your card with you just in case you run out of cash when you pay. It’s nice to be prepared, you know?

Last Words

All in all, card payments have been proven to be so efficient and time saving. However, there are also a few disadvantages on its part since there has not been a method that is created perfectly so far. It is advisable that you use whatever method you are more familiar with, but why not both? There’s no effect on the currencies used, after all. In relation to currencies, check out the top forex broker malaysia if you are interested to start on forex trading. Might as well learn about something new after reading all these about money and currencies, right?

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