How Do You Make Yourself Happier?

It is well known that interest is the best teacher, facilitating our learning and exploration. But what people may not know is that interest can also balance out the negative feelings of uncertainty. 

There are some common misconceptions about life interests that prevent them from developing them. Many people may think that interest is a one-off thing, for example, some people think that if they find a job they are interested in, they can stay interested in it and change jobs frequently. But the reality is that after a while, going to work is still like going to the grave, and interest becomes torment again. It’s not uncommon for a person’s interest in something to change over time. To develop a lasting interest in something and always find it interesting, we need to put in years and years of effort. This is different from what many people perceive: there are many truly meaningful interests that really take root in people’s minds by enduring the process of being annoying and uninteresting but having to commit.

The root cause of people’s lack of interest in life is that we keep looking to the outside world for interest, but fail to build and develop it within ourselves. On the one hand, we make little effort to seek out unseen interests in our lives and wait for them to come to us. On the other hand, sometimes the interest that initially arises is not what we really want in our hearts, but is simply the result of being briefly attracted to the way others are immersed in their interests.

To really find something interesting, to be able to ‘do it over and over again without getting bored, we need to be capable of feeling it sufficiently. The ability to feel the beauty of something sufficiently. In other words, the ability to develop an interest requires the ability to match it, for example, the interest in wandering around an art gallery and taking selfies only lasts for a short time, whereas if you have known the story of the author and the work, you will be able to savour its interestingness more deeply. If you don’t find life interesting, it may be because you don’t have enough aesthetic skills. It takes study and effort to build up a stronger aesthetic sense of life. The bitter before the sweet is, to some extent, the truth about interest in life.

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