Red Flags in Relationships You Should Look Out For

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Certain so-called deal breakers must be overlooked since relationships are complex, but some eccentricities are such blazing red flags fluttering fiercely in the air that they absolutely must be recognized. For instance, if your partner invests so much money on casino in Malaysia online instead of paying off their bills, is a red flag. Here are several other bright red flags to be on the alert for, whether it means working together on a resolution or admitting that an individual is simply all unsuitable for you.


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  • Alcoholism and drug addiction

Drinking every day or until you’re inebriated a few times per week can become a sign of a drinking problem. It’s especially troubling when people rely on narcotics to get through the week, the month, or difficult times in their lives. If drugs or alcohol are having a detrimental impact on your partner’s life, whether it’s a job, in their health, or their connections, it’s an indication of addiction. Furthermore, if your partner uses substances to get through the day, week, or a difficult scenario, this is an indication of addiction and indicates that they’ve not sorted out how to manage without changing their state of mind.


  • Lesser or no communication

These people have a hard time talking about their problems or expressing their emotions. When it appears that being honest and open is most essential, they often withdraw emotionally, leaving their spouse hanging or having to cope with an issue on their own. Mood swings and the infamous “silent treatment” are frequently used to express whatever is “discussed.”


  • Your self-esteem is getting worse

If you find that your confidence is lower than average, it can be tough to figure out why. If your companion, on the other hand, does not show you the respect you deserve, it may be subtly affecting your self-esteem. When your companion doesn’t acknowledge your worth, it’s difficult to recognise it in yourself. Furthermore, if they are causing you to lose your self-esteem, this is an indication of toxic behaviour.


  • The relationship moves too fast

A client of ours began dating a colleague. He wanted to meet the family within three weeks, and he did so during a Christmas celebration. That isn’t all, though. He was eager to settle in and buy home essentials. He started talking seriously about getting married and starting a family. It’s been three weeks! If that wasn’t a warning sign, we didn’t know what was. During the first two weeks, you will be able to see the person’s best qualities. In the early stages of a relationship, no one displays to you their genuine self. They are, after all, attempting to seduce you. Keep your eyes peeled, though, for they will show you enough. Think of it as an “Amber Alert.” My client was advised by me to date her colleague for at least 1/5 to 2 years in order to really understand him properly.


  • Your partner consistently criticises you

It’s important to be genuine about how you think, but there’s a fine line between being too critical and not complimenting. If your lover constantly criticises how you appear, sound, and act, and never compliments you, this could be a red flag. It’s likely that they’ll never be pleased with you, so you should call it quits before circumstances get too unpleasant.