Technological Development And Social Life

Developing technologies has made life far more convenient nowadays, and people a thousand years ago would not have imagined it to be possible.  

Technological developments have impacted every aspect of society, and today our everyday lives have become more convenient as a result. In many cases, a mobile phone has become more than a way to make personal calls. Television, on the other hand, has become a standard feature of a family today, and it is a heart-warming scene to have the whole family gather around the television at dinner time. 

As technology has developed, more information can be gained in social life by each of us. Our perceptions of the information we receive may be adversely affected by it, we may feel overwhelmed by it, or the information may be filtered by it. To enjoy the convenience of technological development in society, we should also enhance our ability to identify and filter information. 

What is our social life like? What is unique about our social life today? Technological advancements have contributed to this. Using examples such as mobile phones and television, we can explain how social life has progressed through the development of mobile phones or the popularity of television. 

One of the techniques I need to introduce to you here is to see the big picture in the small details. It can be helpful to introduce a small detail in order to suggest the evolution of society by describing a large context. In this case, we are not talking about a long history of the grand sociological system, but rather a fundamental concept. For example, social life and learning life are concepts that are relative. And the small tone is the subset that we include within this concept. As an example, in learning a language or learning mathematics, we learn mathematics through the development of the small tone to suggest the development of our learning life. 

 Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and as society develops, the pace of technological development will increase even further. Throughout history, however, the advantages of technology have always been enjoyed by those at the top of society first, and then slowly trickle down to the bottom. Inequality in this regard is one aspect. 

Despite its development, however, technology has left many people behind. The technology is not actively abandoning, but passively exploiting them. A good technology, especially one that has a huge impact on society, should take these two points into account.

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