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If you want to dive into the depths of the network: The NetSpot application is an analysis tool for optimal planning of your WLAN network. It works on Windows, macOS and Android. With the location survey, you collect coverage information and create a complete “heat map” of your network. This allows you to position routers and access points so that you get the best possible WLAN reception in any room. You can opt for the unifi 300mbps package there.

unifi 300mbps package

You must have felt some slowdowns on your fixed internet connection. We all had the same reflex and we compensated with the 4G network via our smartphones or even the 4G keys and boxes. As more and more of us use our connections to work, watch TV, study, play, stay informed, go shopping and above all communicate, it becomes important to be responsible and to be careful. We have listed the 6 best practices to avoid saturating the internet network, whether fixed or 4G, so that everyone benefits from a good connection.

Best practices for using the fixed internet network

Optimize your Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi can simply be improved in a house or an apartment with simple gestures. First of all, the location of the box can greatly improve the distribution of Wi-Fi. Choose a central room that can communicate with the rest of the house. Then, place the box high up and away from your other wireless equipment to avoid interference. 

  • If you have a latest generation box, you can also choose the type of frequency in your settings: either a 2.4GHz frequency or a 5GHz frequency. ARCEP recommends choosing a 5 GHz frequency. Finally, remember to turn off your TV decoder when you are not using it because it uses a lot of bandwidth.

Limit online games

This is not going to be good news for fans of Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Overwatch and other CS: GO. Indeed it will be necessary to limit the time spent playing online because they use a lot of data and bandwidth. We must not stop everything, just limit these games to avoid the possibility of a blackout. Indeed, public services fear this possibility even if network managers and incumbent operators such as Orange , SFR and Free remain confident.