Time To Make Some Money


Joining Being Rider or Food Delivery Guy! 


First and foremost, this is one of the fastest ways to make money. What you need to do  is by joining Food Delivery Rider. There are lots of choices of riders right now like Food Panda and Grab Food are some food delivery companies in Malaysia that you can join. You can generate profit through every food delivery you send to your customers through this food delivery service app.


Of course, you can earn money quickly, definitely more than RM100 a day with this food delivery service in a short time. Very suitable for anyone who wants an extra RM100 a day working part time only with your motorcycle.

Other rider option: 

  • Lalamove
  • BungksIt 
  • Pizza Hut 
  • McDonalds 


Participate in Making Youtube Videos

Do you know? YouTube is one of the best places for you to generate passive income! Still many people don’t know, YouTube is not just a place for you to watch your favorite videos, but you can also actually make extra money through your YouTube channel! What’s interesting is you can generate more than RM100 a day just by uploading videos on YouTube! You can watch the YouTube video below. Proof of income of beginner YouTubers in Malaysia.

Tips to Succeed in Creating Youtube Content 

First step in creating content on youtube is to create compelling video content!

Before you do anything, focus on this one first. Don’t chase the video views count, don’t chase subs or subscribers and don’t force people to comment on your video. 


I know you want to make money quickly, that’s what people are willing to ask for subs for subs, subscribe back, watch the video view for a minimum of 3 minutes. Believe me, you’re more tired of doing that than making interesting youtube videos.

Secondly, decide on your content. Do not clutter the content. For starters, there is no need to do anything, later you will also be dizzy. Viewers who come near your channel are dizzy again. Focus first.Maybe there is a teacher who told me, make this kind of content good because the consistency of the video is fun to come out. But in my personal opinion, that kind of channel has no wow factor. People can’t remember what your channel is about. We want high-quality content okay? 


How To Get Money For Students

Based on my own experience, there are many ways to earn money for students. Among them are:

  • You can create a photostat business by helping your friends make copies of assignments, copies of reference books and so on
  • Sell your own ‘rekabentuk’ / design clothes by finding local factories and suppliers who can offer you competitive prices. This can be utilized if you are an art students 

Make USD Money Online with Adsense


Google Adsense, or more simply known as Adsense, is a revenue -generating platform owned by Google Inc.


Yes, the company that owns the most popular search site, Google. Through Adsense, you can open an account, get ad codes, display ads from Google and generate revenue from it.


You will be given income through 2 main ways.


The first way is through the number of ad impressions displayed; the more and longer the period of ads displayed, the more revenue will be earned. The second way, if someone clicks on the displayed ad; the more clicks, the higher the revenue generated. Check out Nft latest trends here.