Top 3 Snack Brands

Anything, in principle, could be a snack. Have you ever passed out on the sofa and awoken to find a lukewarm slice of pizza in the box? Snack time! Are you on a diet and need a couple sticks of celery to see you along until your dinner smoothie? Sad! However, actually, this is a snack! Everyone loves a good snack. Even if you work as a forex trading brokers review.


Of course, we had to set some basic rules when choosing the 3 best snacks. Otherwise, you would have had an edible mess. We rely on individual products for details. How do you rate “chocolate chip cookies” as a concept? We have limited it to items that can be purchased at most American corner stores, convenience stores, and daily snack vendors for reasonable reasons. Finally, this morsel should be something you can eat right in your mouth. Totino’s, Pop-Tarts and Hot Pockets (we all know it’s only good for roasting) are excluded. Let’s start by listing the three snack brands below.


  1. Pringles


Staring at hundreds of Pringles cans was one of my early memories. My highly frugal, GM-working grandfather used to save cans of his trademark brand — simple, mildly salted — in order to hold pretty much every nail, pin, and bolt he ever used in his shop. So I figured Pringles really came in two flavours: “meh” and “ouch” for the first few years of my life.


Pringles, on the other hand, now comes with a dizzying array of varieties. I’ve tried every single one of them. Last year, though, when I sat down with 29 cans, I found that I was grasping at straws to find out why I even mildly hated any of the flavours. True, the Original and Cheddar are standouts, but Pringles, like Lays, experiments with a variety of flavours and gets the majority of them right. The cheeseburger flavour, in particular, is a thing of snackable beauty. Burger with cheese! What the heck is going on here? How does a chip that isn’t even made of flavours forged in a lab get too much right.


     2. Oreos


Oreo has stepped up their novelty game in recent years, releasing new limited-edition flavours at a breakneck rate that sends food blogs like this one into a frenzy. And I’m in need of it! The more Oreo flavours, the stronger! Maybe there’s an exception when it comes to Peeps.


Both of those shenanigans, however, pale in contrast to Oreo’s finest invention: the Double Stuf. They should have stopped right there and still checked in at No. 2. Really, it’s likely that they didn’t need Double Stuf at all, since normal Oreos are a snacking behemoth. I’m not sure what kind of devil alchemy occurs when you mix an Oreo with milk, but I know it changed my life forever the first time I tried it.


     3. Doritos


At any given time, there are more than 15 different varieties of Doritos on the shelf, each with its own set of benefits (except Bacon Cheddar Ranch). However, there is only one flavour that really matters when it comes to Cool Ranch (I realise I’m an outlier in my ambivalence about ranch everything), and that flavour is Nacho Cheese, America’s single greatest mass-produced snack.


There are several imitators, and as an obsessive, I test every off-brand nacho cheese chip in the hopes of discovering a new twist on the seasoning, artificial cheese, tortilla, and bliss quotient found in a bag of Doritos. It’s been a fruitless, life-long, and delectable hunt. Eagle Nacho Cheese Chips, the only thing that came near, went to the huge snack bin in the sky decades ago. For more articles like this one, click here.