What To Do When You Are Feeling Down?

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We are all humans with feelings and emotions and sometimes things in life can get too much. There are days where we will feel slightly depressed or not in the mood to socialize with people and when this happens, it is perfectly normal and okay. Whatever we are feeling is valid and we need to prioritize our feelings for the sake of our mental health. 

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When we are feeling sad, depressed, or slightly down. It is best to do something that can comfort us but if we are having any dark thoughts or if the feeling lasted for quite some time you can talk with someone professional. Here are some ways to make you feel good. 


By Yourself 


Sometimes being surrounded by people all day long can be overwhelming and too much for certain people. It can be exhausting to be socializing with people all day long and when you are feeling tired or down it is best to pull yourself back and be by yourself for a while. There’s nothing bad or wrong in wanting to be by ourselves because everybody needs that personal time in their day. 


Make Yourself A Comfort Meal 


The best medicine when we are feeling down is food. So, when you feel sad or depressed it is best to prepare or buy your favorite meal or your comfort food. It can be a bowl of hot comfy chicken soup or a sweet tub of ice cream. Whatever it is, as long as it makes you feel good, just eat it. 


Wear The Most Comfortable Clothes 


What are the comfiest clothes in your wardrobe? Is it your biggest shirt or your fuzziest sweatpants? Well, if it is those types of clothes hurry up and wear them. Sometimes wearing a certain type of clothing can make us feel uncomfortable and suffocated. So change to your comfiest outfit and stay in the bed. 


Play A Game 


Whenever you are feeling down, it is best to distract yourself by doing something fun like playing a game. You don’t have to play a serious game like PUBG perhaps you can play a fun game like Subway Surf. Or maybe if you are an adult you can play online casino at mega 888 apk to release your stress. 


Fresh Air 


It is best if you can get fresh air when you are feeling down. Go for a walk around your neighborhood and see nature. This will help you to distract yourself from any feelings that you have and it’ll also lighten up your mood. Maybe, you can also bring along your pet as a companion and if you don’t have a pet you can listen to your favorite music or podcast while taking a walk to clear your mind.


Youtube or Netflix 


Whenever I feel down, I like to watch a happy movie to lift up my mood. Well, you can also try to do this. Watch any movies that will make you happy and if you don’t want to watch a movie you can watch any videos on Youtube. For example, you can watch a compilation of cute animals doing funny things. I guarantee you, it’ll make you feel better.