Why Are Men’s Clothing Cheaper Than Women

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They say being a woman is expensive, it is an expensive decision to have a daughter because whatever they want is always expensive. It is a well-known fact that women love shopping. It is true even if you deny it, who hates shopping? Buying things for yourself and showing some self-love.

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Women are great at showing self-love and expressing themselves with clothes and accessories, even if you are not a clothes person, you may be a home furnitures, a grocery shopping person, There are various kinds of shopping a woman can do, the list goes on. The other reason a woman does much shopping is that they are the women of the family, they do the cleaning and cooking, thus making them handle and manage the household items.

But as a woman, have you ever noticed the women’s clothing items are more expensive than men’s clothes? Sometimes it is just a similar-looking hoodie with just the size and cutting difference but one is RM50 while the other is half the price. Even the jeans are so much similar yet when it comes to the pricing men are cheaper.

The truth is since women love shopping and men seldom shop because they are working and they have no time. The sellers increase the price to those who often shop, thus making more money instantly instead of giving the high price to the ones that seldom shop. This is why even the most basic and simple jewelry can be at an unreasonable price.

Though why don’t food, water, groceries, and household items are expensive? Although this shopping list is done often and regularly, these are the items that are restricted for giving unreasonable prices. These are items that every person has to buy, it’s a necessary need for a person. Thus making this item prices reasonable and affordable is another market strategy, just like when you are playing a mega888 game, a calculated strategy.

However, is it really necessary to make women the blame and burden to the financial state of a family? In recent times, although retail shopping centers do give an expensive price for women’s clothing, women are capable to afford those clothes and whatever they need, this is because women are no longer just being a housewife, they have started to expand and grow to stand for themselves and able to manage themselves along with their family.

Certain women even developed the trend of buying men’s clothes instead of girls since it’s much cheaper. Shops like H&M and Uniqlo have been giving the same and even prices for both men and women. There are definitely several clothes shops that sell clothes at a reasonable price these days.

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